4 Year Anniversay

Hi lovelies! Can you believe it? Me & Ben have been together for 4 YEARS!

 To celebrate, I ‘surprised’ Ben with a weekend away for in his favourite seaside town, Great Yarmouth!

You might remember from previous posts, that Ben surprised me for our 2 year anniversary with a trip to Harry Potter world – I literally had no idea where I was going until we pulled up at the studios… so we decided that it was my turn to try and pull off a surprise…

So, I planned a visit to Great Yarmouth, staying at a beautiful 4 star hotel with a sea front room! All Ben knew was that we were going away for the weekend. I kept it a secret for over a month! 

UNFORTUNATELY, the night before we were due to go, my Apple Maps kindly announced out loud (I was checking the route!) “Starting route to Great Yarmouth”… Ben obviously heard, didn’t he?

Nevertheless, he was chuffed, and we had an awesome weekend! The sun came out from under its dark British cloud, and we spent the weekend relaxing with plenty of fish & chips and ice cream. The hotel was amazing too!

Happy 4 Years xxx

Bye Bye Winter!

Springtime weather is definitely on its way and I am totally ready for everything that spring has to offer! But as the dark, cold winter days draw to an end, wouldn’t it be nice to take advantage of a few last minute treats that only winter really offers?  The cold season really isn’t all that bad… so here’s a list of things to do to make the most of the last few weeks of the cold weather!


  1. Cosy Movie Day

You can have a movie day anytime of the year, but isn’t it just all the more cosy when the rain is falling outside your window, whilst you are safely cocooned in a duvet with your favourite film playing and a box of chocolates within arm’s length? Let’s grab our duvets and dedicate a day to our favourite films and worship the art of cosiness. Thank you winter for teaching me to be cosy!



  1. A Walk in the Park

Ironically, a walk in the park is not the easiest thing to do in winter (it’ll be a walk in the park…haha I’m hilarious.) But, there is something just a little more magical about the outdoors in the winter months. The crunch of the leaves, the fresh cool air and the peaceful sound of people hiding inside (they’re probably having a Cosy Movie Day…) Parks get so much busier when it starts getting warmer, so lets take our gorgeous winter boots and coat down the park for a little piece of tranquillity. Besides, your winter style deserves to be shared!


  1. Grab yourself a Coffee

A personal winter favourite of mine – sitting in the window of a coffee shop of your choice, watching the world go by. The big selling point to this one is that you a) get a hot drink and b) get to be cosy whilst having a front row seat to the town centre  – people watching at it’s finest.



  1. Pamper Day

If you really are too scared to venture into the cold, why not make the most of your home comforts? Give yourself a pamper with a face masking, nail painting, blow-drying evening at home! After all, what better way to get over the winter blues than treating yours truly to a little bit of TLC…

giphy-5.gifvia GIPHY

  1. Plan your summer

They say summer bodies are made in the winter, but so are summer plans! Book a holiday, book a festival – start planning your summer fun! From the wardrobe you’re going to slay, to the day to day adventures that you want to enjoy… Summer is made for adventure.




I’m super quiet at the moment and struggling to find time to blog… But I have a few things lined up for the next few weeks so please be patient and you’ll soon see me all over your screens once more! 

For now, make sure you’re following me on Instagram over at https://www.instagram.com/thatgirlfrom/ (I’ll give you a follow back too!) to keep up to date with me!

I’m also trying to heat my twitter back up again after neglecting it to become a cold arctic hole in the ground… so make sure you’re following me on Twitter @katyspiano15 and feel free to nag me on a daily basis, reminding me to tweet! I’ll also give you a cheeky little follow on there!

Happy Wednesday sweeties!

Katy xx

Happy Hump Day

Happy Wednesday everybody – let’s all motivate each other to get over that midweek hump in the road… You’re half way there now!

Just figured I’d share today’s #mugshot expressing my feelings towards this week as it sure has been a cracker… Hope you have a few sassy mugs at your disposal for days where subliminal messaging is the only way of letting people know how you feel!

Enjoy your midweek celebrations!

Katy xx

“Describe happiness without saying a word”

Ask me this question and I will show you this video. The moment I could finally see Ben, after 3.5 months in training, and after witnessing him in his passing out parade, feeling so overwhelmingly proud of the man he had become. This, is happiness.

What are sister’s for?

Hi everybody – I have JUST THIS SECOND (maybe not quite literally) uploaded a brand new video on YouTube from today! Yes! A video that wasn’t filmed 6 months ago, but instead, today!

My beautiful sister kindly agreed to let me do her makeup today (and she kindly followed suit by doing mine, pictures below!) So, I figured it would be nice to give you a quick speedy version of me doing Molly’s makeup today.

Heres the link: Molly’s Makeup

I had so much fun putting this little video together and really hope to be able to post many more to come. We also filmed Molly doing MY makeup, but I haven’t quite got round to that footage yet (I do have an exam on Wednesday remember!) So for now, here are a few pictures of the makeup Molly did for me today!

Hope you enjoy the video, speak again soon!

Katy x


Getting in order: Exams & Sports Bras

(In a while crocodile… How long has it been since I posted?!)

Hi everyone and welcome back; I hope you’re all super well and like myself, have began to vacate your little hole of hibernation to welcome the occasional summer blasts that the British Isles graces us with – a few more would be appreciated!

I’ve been super busy lately with work and preparing for my land law exam and time just seems to be getting away from me – it’s nearly June, can you believe it? 

So, incase you haven’t got me on Instagram, Twitter or snapchat, I figured I’d give you a brief little overview on the past few weeks…

The Weekend before the Last one (and this one…) 

I went to London with Molly (again!) 

After our last trip ending in food poisoning (did I tell you about that?!) I promised molly we would return to carry out our shopping trip that we had originally planned but never managed to conduct (sorry!) 

So when work were paying for my transport to a revision day in London City Centre, I decided, what better opportunity, than to stay the night with Molly and shop the following day! The weather was AMAZING – we felt as though we were abroad, walking round London sweating in our shorts. It was fantastic and I’m so glad we went back (and spent sooooo much money)…

The weekend before this one (Last weekend?)

BEN CAME HOME! *screams* for the weekend….

YES! 6 weeks without my Bestfriend and love of my life, and he FINALLY came home for a few days. I was over the moon. 

The past few weeks have been particularly difficult too with circumstances at home and losing my grandad, so it really has been a vile time to send Ben off to training. But I guess it made it all the more satisfying to spend an entire weekend with him and I am so glad he is doing so well! Now just 8 more weeks…

This Tuesday

I turned 19!

I had a wonderful birthday, spending the afternoon away from work on a team away day playing laser quest and bowling – what a way to celebrate your birthday! Then I had a nice quiet takeaway night at home – perfect. Spoilt rotten too!

Wednesday (I told you I’d been busy!)

I PASSED MY THEORY TEST! Not much to say on this one. But yeah. They say me rolling.

ANYWAY. Now you are up to date (I think), I just wanted to let you know how busy I am revising for my land law exam lately – the exam is on 15th June and I’m super worried so I’m getting my head down and working hard! I can do this!

I’m also (starting tomorrow I promise) attempting to tone up and lose some of my winter gains (otherwise known as cream cakes…)

So I hope to be keeping you posted on my progress and would love to hear from you if you’re doing the same, as a little bit of motivation from you to me!

So let’s of this guys. Work hard, play harder (and revise even more!)

Speak again soon beauties!

Katy xx

A dedication to grandad

 Yesterday we said goodbye to my wonderful grandad – his final song was My Way by Frank Sinatra, and he really did live life his own way. We both loved Sinatra, one of the best voices ever recorded.

I love my grandad with all my heart, and so I dedicate this to you grandad. 

I love you, rest in peace xxxx