Pizza Throwback 

Pizza Throwback 

Oh wow. It says something about your personality when you  a) throwback on a Wednesday and; b) make that throwback about pizza.  But isn't this pizza so god damn delicious looking?! It's my last day in the office this week (it is also my 2nd day in the office...) so I'm ready to work super [...]


I have so many content ideas right now, ah it is super exciting! The best (and worst) part of this, is that a lot of  my ideas will likely be done via video - omg interactive posting? Check me out. The problem with this though, is that I work full-time... and it is winter... so [...]

A Level Results, Fancy New Career and a Hot Sunny Holiday…

Hello everybody and welcome back to my little space on the internet! I have so much to talk to you about today, and I'm honestly not quite sure where to start! I've been having so much fun lately, and if you follow my Instagram or Snapchat (katylouise15), you'll likely know more than I will write about [...]

My Surprise!

Good evening fellow bloggers & welcome to my post where I can FINALLY share my wonderful trip to the Warner Bro's Studios in London with Ben, as my long awaited surprise! I have compiled all my photos and videos and tried to make it as quick as possible by only sharing bits and pieces from [...]