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Katy xx

A Level Results, Fancy New Career and a Hot Sunny Holiday…

Hello everybody and welcome back to my little space on the internet! I have so much to talk to you about today, and I’m honestly not quite sure where to start! I’ve been having so much fun lately, and if you follow my Instagram or Snapchat (katylouise15), you’ll likely know more than I will write about today (such as Nerf wars & Ukuleles!) To keep things at a reasonable length and enjoyable read for you, I’ll just stick to three BIG things i’ve been up to recently!

Let’s start from the beginning…Sort of…

The ‘Hot Sunny Holiday’

I’ve been on holiday! 7 days in the hot sun in Cala D’or, Majorca, spent with my Dad, Step-Mom, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin & his girlfriend (That’s a lot of Brummies!) I had an ace time soaking up the sun, eating ice cream and tasty meals every night, and making memories that will last for a very long time, such as jumping off of a big boat in the middle of the sea and going for a swim! Okay I confess – I PERSONALLY didn’t jump off of the boat, or slide down the huge slides that were attached of either end of the boat, purely because I’m not my most confident in water… but I DID get in and have a swim. And it was amazing! The holiday was a real treat and I enjoyed every single day, even if I was practically melting in the 37 degree heat every day, with no air-con to retreat back to (Never again will I go without air-con!)

Here are a few pictures of our lovely stay – enjoy!

11873541_10155925986150015_2102290291558487940_n 11899848_10155925988235015_6168544814217792624_nIMG_7187IMG_7925IMG_1350IMG_9175IMG_0773IMG_3191IMG_1019


The Fancy New Career

I finally know what I’m doing in September! I finally have a job! And I am over the moon!

Before I went away, I had an interview with a big law firm at their Birmingham offices, hoping to become a legal apprentice within their Real Estate group… and I received an offer of employment the following week whilst I soaked up the sun in Majorca – It was surreal. I begin at the end of September, and am so excited to finally have something to tell people about, because i’ve really struggled with finding which route to take whilst almost everyone around me seemed to be going to university. The job is a blessing and I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to work with such an amazing company and start my career at such a fantastic place!

A Level Results

Today’s date is Thursday 13th August 2015, aka A Level Results Day. I have been (as you know already..) extremely nervous about today for a very long time, after working to levels I never knew existed before the world of A Levels – and I am THRILLED to let you know that it was all worth it!

I received a B in Geography, B in Business Studies, and Distinction* (A* equivalent!) in Law. It is an amazing day for me today, and these past few weeks have been a whirlwind due to suddenly seeing results from my hard work; I’ve never been so happy!

The best thing about getting such brilliant results is that I finally feel like I have proven myself against all the odds which were set up, saying I wouldn’t catch up, then saying I shouldn’t expect higher than a D grade… So take it from me, on a day of complete and utter happiness due to being filled with a sense of accomplishment – if anyone tells you that you can’t do something, if anyone ever predicts your result, or if anyone ever puts you down before you’ve even tried… do it anyway, because proving them wrong is the best feeling out there.

So here’s to the future everybody! Everything finally seems to be going right for me recently, and I couldn’t be happier! I hope that if you received your results today you received the results you worked for, and are super proud of yourself – but remember that if they didn’t go so well, don’t let teachers or parents or any other figure in your life stop you from making the next choice if it’s what you want, because its our own choices which lead us to the best pathways (If I hadn’t have continued my A Levels in September, I wouldn’t be where I am today!)

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 16.32.31

Speak again soon!

Katy xx

Beep Beep: Coming through!

Good morning everyone, how are you doing today?

Recently I began my driving lessons, and have now had 6 HOURS worth of lessons (lets not even begin to dwell on the amount of money I’ve already spent…), so I believe that this is a reasonable volume of hours to be able to share some experience with you. If it had just been 2 hours, I probably wouldn’t have a lot to say…

My first lesson was a 2 hour block, and from then I’ve been having 2, 1 hour lessons per week, with the exception of one lesson last week due to a lesson being cancelled because of illness! So I’ve been driving a car for on average 2 hours per week for the last 3 weeks… and wow it is scary yet exciting!

You don’t actually appreciate your everyday sense of spatial awareness, or your ability to judge distance, for example. However when you begin your driving lessons, you appreciate it so much more, because as soon as you get in that car, your judgement fades. I currently perceive a car that is 1 metre away from me on the drivers side, as 10cm away from me, in contrast to a car that is about 10cm away from me on the passenger side, being perceived as 1 metre away from me…. This isn’t great when trying to steer a car (which is a challenge in itself!) because I always try and dodge the cars on the drivers side (which look SO close!) but in doing so, forget about the parked cars on the passenger side (nearly had a few ‘whoops’ moments there…)

Another thing that is not appreciated is how DIFFICULT it is to steer a car! I’ve heard so many people tell me when they start driving that they underestimated the steering and how difficult it would be, but as I hadn’t experienced it myself yet, I would often just shrug it off, and panicked more about changing gears and knowing where my feet would be. But after starting driving lessons, I totally understand!

Steering is so weird. To steer correctly when driving to the appropriate test standards, you must feed the wheel through your hands as you turn round a corner. This sounds so easy, I know it does. But it isn’t when you try! Yes practice is certainly helping, and my steering is finally improving, but I had never taken into account how difficult it actually would be.

Changing gear and controlling my feet across three pedals, is a skill that has actually been pretty decent if I’m being honest. And it was this that I was the most concerned about as a new driver! God knows why… I guess it just sounds complicated when someone tells you, you have three pedals and two feet, and they can’t all go down at the same time and you must be smooth and you must change gear and you must change gear again and again and again and oh look…. that sounds complicated!

But it actually does become easy very quickly, as you begin to learn to handle the car. Listen to me sounding like a pro on my 6th hour of lessons, pft.

What I must stress is the importance of keeping your lessons going! When I only had one lesson last week, it was the worst lesson of them all. I literally forgot everything. I had entered the car with the mindset that it had been over a week since my last lesson, and that I had forgotten everything already. With this mindset, I honestly fulfilled my expectation. I was steering into random places, stalling the car, putting the car into neutral ALL THE TIME, and just totally forgot because I had worked myself up prior to the lesson.

So although I’m certainly no expert in this field, and I definitely have a long way to go before I ever receive my driving licence, I believe it is important to let you know some important little details I’ve learnt as a new driver, which could help you if you are soon starting driving!

1) Don’t work yourself up – you’ll end up wasting a lesson, and feeling really unhappy with how it went, all because you set yourself up to fail! Believe in yourself, trust your instructor, and take it step by step. You’re a learner – you didn’t learn how to walk without falling back down when you were little, so why would driving be easy?

2) Practice steering on a plate! Grab a round plate, and practice feeding the wheel if you’re as bad as me! It honestly helps. I spent 15 minutes before my lesson on Monday, using a round plate to practice feeding the wheel through my hands, and my steering was so much better on the lesson. It totally helps.

3) Dont panic if you try and change gear and you mess it up. For some reason, I really struggle with going into second gear! My instructor says I’m being too ‘girly’ because it’s quite a tough gear that requires a big push – but with a bit of practice, I’ve began to ace that gear!

4) REMEMBER – Practice makes perfect. You won’t be a good driver immediately. You’ll probably suck. But when you start improving, you’ll certainly notice. And it’s a great feeling!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post today and are all doing well in your driving ventures too! Speak again soon!

Katy xx

My Surprise!

Good evening fellow bloggers & welcome to my post where I can FINALLY share my wonderful trip to the Warner Bro’s Studios in London with Ben, as my long awaited surprise!

I have compiled all my photos and videos and tried to make it as quick as possible by only sharing bits and pieces from the day (that was tough because I wanted to show you EVERYTHING!)

As you may remember, I was informed by Ben before Christmas that I would have a surprise, and not find out where I was going until I arrived – of course I was highly skeptical of this statement, judging by the number of people who were told about where I was going suggesting I would eventually find out, likely by accident…

BUT I DIDNT! And I seriously had no idea where I was going, until we drove through the gates on the morning of April 4th 2015, where I burst in hysterical chorus’ of screams. It was amazing.

Anyway without further going into the day before even showing you, here it is – My Anniversary Surprise!

Hello Lovelies!

I am BACK! It’s true! I’m finally free from my exams!

Hello everybody and welcome back to my little space in the blogosphere that has suddenly returned from out of the darkness with a brand new Youtube Video to share with you and a HUGE hello after it’s been so long!

Please watch this video for me and you’ll be given a whiz around some of the things I’ve been up to, and some of the things that are to come! I hope you are all doing well and I look forward to hearing from you again soon!

Katy xx

Stress: A Levels & Plenty of Deadlines

Hi everybody, how’re you doing today?

I recorded this video briefly yesterday in an attempt to let you know how I’m feeling, but also to try and give some insight into how to cope when you start to experience stress, particularly as a student. A-Levels are super stressful, and super tough, and so it does sometimes help to just listen to what someone else has to say who is in the same boat, get things off your chest, and start the next day fresh with a new mind set and a new plan!

So I hope that you might find my video today interesting, helpful, or if you’re just interested in following what I’ up to, theres a bit of that in there too! (Hint: Barcelona Weekend?!)

On that note, here is today’s Vlog, and I hope that you enjoy it! Also please follow my Vine, Snapchat & Instagram, to keep up to date on my travels this weekend… Speak again soon and hope you are all well!

Katy xx

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Hello everyone! Yesterday was pancake day and I felt it was necessary to do a little video for you, on a little experiment I conducted yesterday morning… Apologies for it no longer being Pancake day, but I hope you enjoy this video nevertheless!

Speak again soon,

Katy x

January Snooze

Wow it’s been a busy few weeks for me! Apologies for not updating you guys on here, but I do hope that you’ve been kept ever so slightly up to date via my Instagram spam & Twitter flurries…
January is always a month of ups & downs, as we recover from the bankruptcy of christmas, prepare for the upcoming exams, and celebrate plenty of January Birthdays…

So let’s try summarise what’s been happening!

Ben turned 18!

Yes, my lovely boyfriend Ben had his 18th birthday last weekend, and is now a “mature” adult (whatever you say sweetie). It’s so strange for me to see him turn 18, because I still have to wait until MAY to do it too!
Further on from that point, Ben is hopefully arranging a birthday party for my 18th, so we’ve been pretty busy looking for a suitable venue to host it. We now have several places in mind currently and so there are decisions to be made… There’ll be more on this closer to the time!

Prior to Ben’s birthday, we celebrated an old friend’s birthday at a lovely Greek Restaurant in town.

Greek Food, sweet drinks & plenty of dancing made the night a really fun, exciting & memorable one! If you haven’t already seen my video of plate smashing on Instagram, take a look…

YAMASSSSSSS #greeknight

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Something else I’ve been up to is I finally started recording some music in the studio last week! We have a very interesting backing so far, made from unusual choices of instrument – my knee being one of them. All will make sense in time…

We’ve also had a bit of snow! Okay so this is a little bit gutting for me, but yes, we have had, and I emphasise, “a BIT” of snow. The forecast said that I was going to have very heavy snow this week. Instead, we got a sprinkle which had gone by morning…. But at least we had a little bit of hope…

I’ve indulged in yet more McDonalds food, and we have really enjoyed the freedom of being able to jump in Ben’s car on a Saturday morning, and make it in time for the McDonald’s Breakfast we always crave! It’s a whole new world… McDonald’s whenever we like you say? Wow. Teen freedom at its best…


Ben also took me on an adventure to the pet store last weekend and I lovedddddddd it! I absolutely love pets. In fact I have a slight animal obsession. There’s nothing cuter than a fluffy little pet. Or a bird. Or a fish. Or a lizard. Or a tarantula…
Okay maybe the tarantula doesn’t float my boat.
But I love pets. I’m like a little kid in a pet store. I run around and talk to everything like its my own. I name each animal. I give each one a story. I commentate on what the fish really think. I have so much fun…

I’ve also been run off my feet amidst all this fun, revising for my mock exams next week. It’s been fun… Not.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post, and please get in touch with me, on what you want to see from me, hear from me, or even just to say hello! I love hearing from you guys so much.

Thanks for reading, enjoy your weekend!
Kate xxx

The last few days: Happy Christmas Eve

Hello! I haven’t found any time to blog for you since my vlog at the weekend! Christmas is so busy! However, if you are following my Instagram & Twitter, I have been updating you all on there! Instead of rushing into a manic post about the past few days, I thought the easiest way to do so was to share some photos instead!

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 09.15.07IMG_1259 FullSizeRender  IMG_1159 IMG_1147 IMG_1262 copy IMG_1263 copy IMG_1264 copy IMG_1265 copy IMG_1266 copy IMG_1260 copy

Overall: I shopped, ate, drank & took selfies… What a wonderful run up to Christmas!

I hope you all have a wonderful christmas eve, and enjoy the big day tomorrow! I can’t believe how quickly it’s come around this year! Enjoy your christmas!

Love from

Katy xx