Lipsy Dipsy Daisy

Oh lipsy, how I do love you. Have you ever noticed how a lipsy dress always seems to flatter you in all the right places? You walk around wearing it, feeling like a complete and utter sass-queen. But have you ever brought a lipsy dress… in the sale?!

Oh how much more exciting it is to wear that £65 dress that you brought for just £32. Especially with a handsome, suited & booted guy like Ben on your arm!

We had a wonderful time at our friend’s wedding recently – I adore having an occasion to dress up for. This embroidery lipsy dress was a last minute purchase after a tonne of panic shopping, and I am so glad I found it in the sale! The blue really stood out and was just absolutely perfect for the occasion.


Katy xx

4 Year Anniversay

Hi lovelies! Can you believe it? Me & Ben have been together for 4 YEARS!

 To celebrate, I ‘surprised’ Ben with a weekend away for in his favourite seaside town, Great Yarmouth!

You might remember from previous posts, that Ben surprised me for our 2 year anniversary with a trip to Harry Potter world – I literally had no idea where I was going until we pulled up at the studios… so we decided that it was my turn to try and pull off a surprise…

So, I planned a visit to Great Yarmouth, staying at a beautiful 4 star hotel with a sea front room! All Ben knew was that we were going away for the weekend. I kept it a secret for over a month! 

UNFORTUNATELY, the night before we were due to go, my Apple Maps kindly announced out loud (I was checking the route!) “Starting route to Great Yarmouth”… Ben obviously heard, didn’t he?

Nevertheless, he was chuffed, and we had an awesome weekend! The sun came out from under its dark British cloud, and we spent the weekend relaxing with plenty of fish & chips and ice cream. The hotel was amazing too!

Happy 4 Years xxx

Sunday Morning: Cooking up a Storm

Good Morning everybody (my phone auto-corrected this to “Goose Moorhen everybody!”) and happy Sunday to you from the soaking wet land of the British Isles. As per usual, I’ve awoken to the sound of rain and the smell of disappointment which seems to loom in the air when family plans frequently get cancelled, due to our undeniably vile weather!

Nevertheless, let’s not let the weather dampen the mood… Ba dum dum tsch?;)

Okay I’ll stop with the puns. They’re a bit under the weather….

As per usual, I have found myself at home all alone this weekend due to my family deciding to jet off all over the place, leaving me to fend for myself and look after the animals… And I had the best time last night!

I decided to cook myself some dinner, but had no money or very welcoming ideas from the cupboards, as when my family leaves, they don’t stop to think about feeding me! So I managed to scramble together a dough recipe from the Internet, and gather some left over pizza ingredients – and I made the most spectacular creation in my food making history. I’ll definitely share a video in due course on how to do this perfect cook! But for now, here are a few pictures from the cooking process of “Katy’s SPECTACULAR Pizza”!

It was honestly delicious!  I’ve actually got to cook it all over again tonight as my family were so impressed they’ve requested to try it for dinner when they get home.. Nice one.

I then baked some cookies as I got super bored, and again I will probably be posting a video on my cookie recipe in due course!  

To top off a weekend of baking, I thought it would be nice to share a picture of my breakfast date this morning… 

After all, no one really wants to eat alone, do they?

I hope you’re all well and enjoy whatever you decide to eat today! I absolutely love food, so be sure to let me know what you’re eating too!

Speak again soon,

Katy xx